Why SEO Matters for Personal Injury Attorneys

There’s a lot of competition among personal injury attorneys, no matter where you run your business. And there’s even more competition online. So how do you stick out from the competition to get the clients that your firm needs to grow? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO helps your law firm’s website to get to the top of search engine rankings so you can get the attention and clients you need to gain an edge over your competition. Without it, you’ll lose more and more opportunities to your competition. SEO makes your law firm’s website show up better on Google and other search engines, ensuring your potential clients can find you more easily.

A lot of people look for legal advice online, and you can help them find justice by ensuring they contact you to represent them.

Besides that, SEO comes with a number of other outstanding benefits as well.


When you rank well in search engines, people will see the name of your firm before any of your other competitors. That moment of brand recognition can really pay off when clients start comparing firms and reaching out to one another. After all, clients have to know who you are before they can ask you for representation.


The cost of an SEO program is significantly lower than most traditional marketing campaigns, especially television. SEO may take some time to really start working, but that patience pays off when you consider how much you save. The people who are using Google and other search engines to research your industry are already interested in your services — you just need to get them in the digital front door.


The low cost of SEO means you can more easily achieve a positive return on investment for your marketing budget. The greater interest among search engine users combined with your position at the top of search results is all designed to get you more clients. The end result is higher revenue for lower costs.

How do better rankings in the search engines get more clients?

A high search ranking is a key objective for SEO, but it’s not the end goal. In fact, those rankings are just one piece of the puzzle that’s designed to draw more clients to your personal injury firm.

The direct result of better search engine rankings is more traffic to your site. Basically, the higher you rank for keywords in your industry, the more qualified traffic you’ll get to your site. If you don’t rank highly enough — or if you’re not on the first page — you won’t get the kind of traffic that you want.

The traffic you get from SEO is all qualified to become paying customers as well since they’re looking for you, not the other way around. These searchers want to hire a personal injury lawyer, and when they go to your site, they already have a motive to contact you. Once they contact you, they’re a new sales lead, and you can turn that lead into a paying client in no time.

What SEO strategies should personal injury attorneys use?

Knowing the benefits of SEO isn’t enough to get the job done — you have to know the best strategies, too. These strategies are all designed to get you the clients that you need to grow your law firm. 

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While a lot of businesses offer their services online, legal advice and representation has to be done in person. That’s why so many search engine users look for personal injury attorneys in their town or city — the closer the attorneys are, the more convenient it is for the client. To maximize your appeal to this client base, you have a number of options at your fingertips.

Include your firm’s name, address, and phone number on your homepage, contact page, about page, and more. You can also sign up for Google My Business so Google knows when they should recommend you in search results. This will also add your business to Google Maps so customers can easily find directions to your law firm for in-person consultations.


One of the best ways to stand out from other attorneys is to prove that you know your stuff. The Internet is a great way to highlight your expertise. It’s a great opportunity for you to write blog posts, articles, and other pages that answer frequent questions you receive. That way, your clients can get more information about your firm, and they can also trust you since you’re so knowledgeable.


Specializing in personal injury narrows your niche to a key demographic of people who are highly-qualified to contact your firm. Ranking for keywords like “personal injury attorney in [your town]” is a great way to do that. You can start ranking for keywords like that by writing about them in your blog posts or articles as well, which synergizes your strategies to get the best possible results.