Choosing The Right Personal Injury Attorney For You

With so much energy given to recovering from a debilitating injury, you may not have time to properly consider a personal injury attorney. Here are some tips to help you make a good choice.

If you are involved in an accident that caused extensive injuries and requires a considerable amount of recovery time, you could be left seriously financially disadvantaged for the time you are unable to work. When this time is added to the significant medical costs incurred even with health insurance, you may find yourself falling into a large amount of debt due to no fault of your own. Worse still would be to find yourself injured in an accident without any type of health insurance and watching medical expenses pile up rapidly. If the accident that leaves you in this position was caused by another persons negligent or aggressive driving you should seek a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, this will help you protect your rights.

Retaining a personal injury attorney should be one of the earliest steps you should take when you are recovered enough to do so, having a friend or loved-one aid you in the search and visit attorneys offices so you do not exert yourself unnecessarily. You should enter the search as prepared as possible with as much information you can gather about your accident. researching various local personal injury attorneys will help you find the lawyer with the best reputation in your area for accidents similar to your own. There are very often large semi-local law firms who advertise heavily on television promising large settlements and “no win, no fee” cost structure, these firms are quite often impersonal and charge a higher percentage of the settlement and court costs to subsidize their advertising budget.


By doing a small amount of online research you can find a wealth of information about truly local attorneys and testimonials from previous clients. Due to the nature of settlement stipulations it is unlikely they will be able to discuss compensation amounts for out of court settlements but you will get a general idea of that lawyer’s success rate.

It is important to go into an initial consultation with a personal injury attorney with a list of questions you want answered and where possible a friend to aid you if you are left with particular physical restrictions. You should ask what percentage of cases the attorney wins, how many of those conclude with an out-of-court settlement and whether he has been a part of a case with similar circumstances to your own. While this is in no way a guarantee of a particular outcome it will give you confidence that your personal injury attorney understands what is necessary to claim compensation in your situation.

The amount of compensation awarded is dependant on several factors, first the amount of liability of the other party and then how your personal finances have been affected by the accident. You should bring copies of household receipts and accident related medical receipts and bills, also bring copies of recent pay stubs to illustrate the wages you are unable to earn due to injury. With a little research and preparation you will find an attorney you can feel confident and comfortable with.